Teaching Your Horse to Stand Quietly for Your Horseshoer

I have spent many years refining the best techniques to teach a horse to stand for the horseshoer. I am a horseshoer and have taught many many horses to stand quietly for me. My own horse is trimmed and shod while standing quietly with no halter or lead rope. She knows when I pick her feet she is supposed to stand quietly and relaxed.

Okay when I first started shoeing horses I got some rough horses. They were horses that other farriers refused to do. Yes that is the most common horses new horseshoers get to do. The well established shoers do the horses they want to while new shoers have to do any horse in order to make some money.

Well I wanted to make money but also get these rough horses to be better. In horseshoeing school they taught us medieval ways to get a horse to stand. Yes that includes using physical restraints or brutal abuse. I figured there was a better way. It was simple, I would use Natural Horsemanship techniques. I didn’t need twitches, drugs, ropes or abuse to get horses to stand quietly.

Horses are very protective of their legs and underbelly. If a predator gets a hold of these vulnerable spots he could be fatally injured. Let me ask you this question. If you were standing on a street corner and a stranger grabbed leg and started putting on a new shoe what would you do? You would jerk it back and maybe kick him in the shin.

So why would a horse be any different? I spend time with the horse so that they understand I am a friend. I gently pet vulnerable spots and I look to see if the horse is relaxing or not. As a rule of thumb young horses usually are only fearful. Older (2 years and up) horses may have some ego thrown in. They may need discipline. Yes I am not all soft and easy.

If a horse gives me problems due to a negative attitude I do one thing. I force him to back up. Backing a horse up shows him that I am in charge.

Sometimes some horses have very big egos and this can take a while.

Young horses are usually very easy because I take my time to calm their fears of me. I gently rub their back’s and belly’s watching for them to relax. I stop once they relax. The whole deal is get the horse to relax and reward him when he does. I know that when I pick up a horse’s foot and he fights me if I give it back while he is fighting me he will always want to fight. If I give the horse’s foot back when he relaxes then he will want to relax. Then later on when I’m not giving his foot back he will think he is not relaxing enough.

Yes this technique can take lots of time. It is an investment I always make time because I want the horse to get better each time I handle his feet. Don’t forget that the horse has a responsibility to stand quietly. The more you try to force the horse to stand the more you are working against him standing quietly. Hitting a horse NEVER works, I don’t care the circumstance, unless perhaps if your life is in danger. Hitting a horse causes you to lose respect and trust form the horse. I am taking about belly kicks and rasps here, not training methods involving horsemen’s sticks. I define abuse as doing something that does not lead to a productive end that makes the horse better.

The take message is this. Most horseshoers don’t train horses, they shoe horses. If you want your horseshoer to train your horse to stand quietly then don’t complain. But if you want to be a real horseman you need to take the time to properly train your horse. Handle your horse’s feet routinely and work to get him to stand more quietly each time. Make sure he has no physical problems that are causing him pain which in turn causes him to react negatively to having his feet handled. Every horse will stand quietly with the proper training.

Using gentler and smarter techniques I have never had to use drugs or restraints in the last seven years. I have been able to trim or shoe horses that many other horseshoers could not. Take the time to do it right and in no time they will be doing it right all the time.

Tasks Required to Ride a Horse Bridleless

I’ll bet most people believe that you must ride a horse with a bridle. I’m also sure that many people have seen horses on the internet, in movies or in the circus being ridden with no bridle. Well the truth is it easier than you think. That is of course if you really know how to train a horse properly. You may to invest a few years of hard study and practice training a horse before you may be ready to ride a horse bridleless. It is not something that I would try if I couldn’t I didn’t have the confidence to relinquish the feeling of total control. Riding bridleless for the first time is a strange feeling and you have trust yourself and the horse.

Let me ask you if you can control your horse without using your reins and bit? Can you get your horse to stop, turn, back, trot, walk, disengage his hindquarters or move his front end? Oh you say that you are having trouble doing those tasks with a bit in his mouth. First thing you need to concentrate on is figuring how to communicate to your horse to do a task without relying on your reins. How would you that? Horsemanship skills that’s how. Do you really know what spurs are used for? Do you know how to use your body to tell the horse what you want? Have you ever rode your horse using a neck rope?

Riding a horse bridleless well is equivalent your horse having a Bachelors Degree in horseology. It’s takes skill and practice. When you can ride your horse well and your horse responds willing when ridden with a bit then it is time to think about ridding him bridleless. The test would be dropping the reins over the saddle horn and playing the how long can you ride your horse without touching the reins. You need to have the reins so that you can quickly gain control of the horse if things start to go bad. I like to use a neck rope made from a horseman’s string. I loop the string around the horse’s neck and I use that before I grab the reins.

This to be teaches the horse many things. Number one I don’t need a bit to control him and two this helps change that horse’s psychology that I can control him in any situation. Remember you are always being a leader. A leader has to always maintain his or her leadership and use good opportunities to demonstrate it.

A neck rope also takes some practice to learn and to teach. But the neck rope is a back up to enforcing what you want the horse to do. Your body language and body cues are the thing you want to teach your horse in order to ride bridleless. What is your body cue to turn left or right? The body cue to stop or back? How about the body cue to disengage the hindquarters?

There are three things that you must have in order to ride a horse bridleless. You must have TLC. Yes TLC equals, Trust, Leadership & Communication. If you have all of them developed equally in your horse then riding your horse bridleless will be easy.

Problems and frustration occurs when you don’t. I will say there is probably nothing more rewarding than riding a horse with no saddle and no bridle but the horse does everything you want. I think the goal of every true horseman or horsewoman is to ride their horse bridleless. When you can ride your bridleless then you know your horse is really trained.

Tasks Every Horse Should Do

Give to Light Pressure

You should never have to “push” a horse away. The horse should be very well versed in the concept of “give to pressure” this is the foundation of a good training program.

Touchable Everywhere

This may seem common sense but a horse should be able to be touched anywhere, from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose. If you have taken a medical physical then you know all the places you have to be able touch on a horse. Horses must be excellent patients for a veterinarian and farrier. The better they stand the better treatment they will receive. When a horse receives treatment it could be for a pregnancy check, dental exam, hoof injury, ear injury, stomach problems or other exams.

Lead Easily

A well started horse will lead respecting the handler’s space and keeping pace with handler, whether fast or slow. The horse should also carry its head in comfortable position. The horse should respond to light pressure in all directions especially backward.

Stand Calmly While Being Sprayed

It is very important to be able to wash with a hose, put fly spray on or medical spray before an emergency. One of the most important goals is to be able to treat a horse before an emergency. Using a spray bottle and water you can practice spraying the horse everywhere before bug season or an injury.

Clipped Everywhere

Many horses are clipped to allow tack to fit better, clean hair from around a cut and many other reasons. The horse should be able to stand calmly, lower its head and not move its feet if clipping around pastern. Before doing around the ears it is recommended that cotton balls be placed slightly deeper that the clipping to reduce sound and not allow hair to fall into the ear.

Stand Calmly While Being Trimmed/Shod

A foal or weanling should be handled as young as possible. Handling young horse’s feet properly will teach the horse to accept willingly to have its feet to be picked up. The goal should be to be able pick up the horse’s feet in a pasture/pen with no halter or lead and stand until you drop the foot. This should be done with all four feet.

Trailer Load Easily
It is important for a horse to learn this as young as possible and tested every few months to ensure the horse will load easily.

Stand Calmly for A Veterinary Exam

If you accomplish the Health Checks monthly your horse will be the veterinarian’s favorite horse. Not only that but your life will be easier if/when an emergency or disease happens to your horse.

Deworm Easily

Giving your horse a dewormer should be easy. If you rub the inside gums daily or weekly then when you go to give the dewormer it will go smoother.

Easy To Catch

When the horse trusts and bonds with you it will want to be caught. Horse’s should also be caught for reasons other than being worked or ridden. Catch them just to give them a treat or to be brushed, to be washed or the Health Check.

Respect Space of Humans

This sometimes is hard for the horse to accomplish because we want the horse to be our friend. A horse will sometime “crowd” our space and force us to move away. We have just taught that horse he/she is the leader. It is important for safety that a horse maintains a safe distance when we are handling them. Only YOU decide when the horse is allowed closer not the horse.

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Proper Hoof Balance and Lameness Testing

Three key Factors for a Properly Balanced Foot
Pastern Angle

This refers to the three weight bearing bones of the pastern. This angle should be one continuous line from toe of hoof to the break of the long pastern and cannon bone. This angle is usually close to angle of the shoulder.

Hairline Angle

The hairline should be level to the ground. This observation should be taken standing directly in front of the horse from a distance of about six feet.

Conformation Angle

This angle is observed with the horse’s foot off the ground looking from the bulbs to the toe. This angle should be about perpendicular to the horses pastern bones and cannon bone.


Hoof Abnormalities
The hoof of a horse is bioelastic. The bioelastic hoof will change shape due to an imbalance in stress of weight bearing placement, repetitive use or lack of use. A major reason a hoof must be balanced or corrected is to have as much weight distributed evenly over the hoof’s weight bearing surface. The weight bearing stress should be equal on all three bones of the foot.

Leg Abnormalities
There are numerous problems that happen with the legs. Half of the leg (lower portion) has very little protection and injuries can cause the leg to bleed easily. There are also many small bones that can be injured/damaged from twisting or impact. Any swelling or legs that don’t match the opposite leg needs to be investigated. As with any leg or hoof injuries it’s important to ensure the horse is treated and the problem fixed before you return the horse to a riding/conditioning/exercise program.

The veterinarian may have to resort to numerous tools and techniques to determine the cause of lameness. It is important to remember that if one leg is severely lame the opposite good leg needs to be watched/treated so it does not become lame.
Lameness Scale Developed by AAEP

History and Use of the Horse

Analysis of Horse Standing
The horse should be viewed methodically (for example starting at the head, then sides, and then the rear) and compared to opposite limbs.
Confirmation imbalances noticed
Injuries or signs of stress causing imbalances
Manual Exam
Each limb must be manually examined for swelling, pain in all joints, tendons, muscles and bones.

Hoof Tester Application
Hoof tester applied to the sole and frog to test for pain

Analysis of Horse in Motion
The horse should be viewed methodically (for example starting at the head, then sides, and then the rear) and compared to opposite limbs.

Observe horse trotting and walking
Observe the gaits in straight line and circles
Look for signs of shortened strides, irregular hoof placement, head bobbing, stiffness or other abnormalities

Joint Flexion Tests
This test requires the leg(s) to be flexed and held in a certain position for a specified timeframe then released and the horse is trotted away in a straight line. The horse’s limb is observed for any signs of lameness.

Past injuries or problems
Uses such as jumping, rodeo and routine level of performance
Circumstances you first noticed lameness

Pasturing a Horse

Pasturing a horse year round offers easy

maintenance and is low-cost compared to stabling a horse. However this does not mean you can leave your horse in a field and forget about him. A horse that lives outdoors most of its days can turn a suitable field into an unsuitable eye-sore if left alone to graze. To maintain the quality of grazing and to offer your horse a suitable field you will need to maintain the field for your horse. Good field maintenance is important to your horse’s health.

In order to maintain the quality of grazing for your horse, field rotation is best. A horse requires a minimum of 1 acre (0.4 hectares) for grazing.

Dividing the area into separate fields will enable you to rotate the grazing. Horses graze selectively, so a field left unmanaged will result in areas grazed right down and other areas that the horse has left untouched will become overgrown with weeds.

Requirements for a suitable field:

• Fences should have rounded corners to prevent injury

• Supply fresh drinking water

• Fence off any poisonous trees

• The grass should be weed free and of equal height

• The field should not be too steep

• The field should offer shelter and security

• The field needs to drain well, particularly at the water trough and gate

• Avoid low lying areas as these tend to get muddy in winter

• An access road must be accessible in all weather conditions

• Position the shed with safety in mind

• Remove droppings from the field weekly

• Pasture is free of trash and foreign objects

• Check fencing and gates often and do any repairs if you note anything that needs mending.

Proper field maintenance will prevent your horse from escaping and straying or injuring itself. Select your hardware with your horses health and care in mind, such as when selecting the type of fencing for your field. Barbed wire is fine for sheep or cattle, but your horse is more than likely to sustain an injury as horses have fine skin.

Managing Costs of Horse Ownership on a Tight Budget

I am a simple person when it comes to buying things. It’s simple I simply don’t buy much stuff. When I need something I’ll spend the money with no regrets. I’ve always been kind of tight with my cash. I’m sure Suzy Orman would have a fun day examining what I spend my money on. I guess I could also call myself frugal to make it sound better.

Today the economy is in a shambles and nobody really knows when things are going to get better. Horse care can easily eat an entire money tree in one setting. Just the monthly feed bill a lone for some horse owners could bankrupt a small country.

We are all getting economic lessons just watch our politicians tell us what’s the best way to spend our money.

I think the economy being bad is good for at least one reason. Most of us are all being forced to learn how to do more with less. I think being frugal teaches us to be better horsemen and horsewomen.

It means you could be forced to learn more about the feeds you buy. It could mean you have to learn to do tasks that you had paid someone to do in the past. It means we have to learn to be more self reliant. It’s that what being a good horseman or horsewoman all about anyway, being independently full of self worth? Do you know how to give a vaccination shot to your horse? How about learning to trim your horse’s feet?

I mean do you really need that new halter that you used once and is now hanging on a tack hook for the last 8 months? You can make rope halters using instructions from the internet online. They are a fraction cheaper than buying from a nationally known trainer. The internet bidding sites also have great deals. Have you thought about maybe not buying horse treats and maybe making your own?

You could even sell them and make a little money. You could make it rich and then you wouldn’t have to worry about a budget anymore. You could also tray cheaper more natural treats like carrots or apples that you grow in your yard. Have a group tack sale to get rid of some of your old or things you haven’t used in a long time. There are always opportunities for good ideas.

Maybe you could discuss at your local horse association meetings different ideas to save money. It may break the stale meeting stuff that it always talked about. Buying in bulk usually saves some money. Perhaps you go in with a group of friends and buy a large volume of hay at one time and possibly save some cash. Buying feed straight from a producer may also save money.

Perhaps too you can examine if your horse really needs a concentrate feed. I think most horses do just fine on hay and grass. Treats and concentrate feed may be adding pounds to an already overweight horse. More health problems are associated with overweight than underweight.

Sometimes you can get cheaper products that are designed for humans that cross over to horse uses. Hygiene products crossover well. You could invent or produce a product that is cheaper and works better than what is already on the market. Hard times causes you to use your imagination and wits. Both of which most horse people have a lot of.

Don’t think of being on a tight budget for your horse as a bad thing. Look at it as a great opportunity to find great opportunities. If you really want to spend something on your horse then spend more time with him. Use the bad economy and as a good chance to spend more quality time doing the fun stuff, which of course is horse stuff. Give your horse some TLC, Trust, Leadership & Communication it costs nothings but your time.

Leadership is Not a Four-Lettered Word

I once submitted an idea for a book about equine leadership to a literary agent and I received a very curious rejection letter. He thought that book was interesting but he also implied that establishing leadership with a horse was some how cruel to the horse. Not knowing me personally, just reading my bio which included military service. I assume he jumped to the erroneous conclusion that somehow I was going to be a nightmare Marine Drill Instructor.

Obviously he has little knowledge of real what real leadership means. I think good old fashioned leadership has somehow become a bad thing. I think the world needs a little more of it really.

Leadership is not a four-lettered word. Words like bite, kick, rear and buck are four-lettered words that positive leadership helps to remove from a horse’s lexicon. Leadership is one of few things in life that is both a science and an art. Good leadership traits can be taught and learned. Some people and animals are born with more leadership skills than others. Good leadership produces excellent results and the lack of good leadership produces very few positive results.

Examples of good leadership are being firm when and as necessary, but also being patient. Horses really don’t do well with yelling a screaming. Yes that may work in boot camp, but not with a horse.

Women usually are more understanding than men. Men are usually more forceful than women. You must be somewhere in between understanding and forceful to be a good leader with a horse. You must understand when to use force. You must also understand when not to use force. Yes sometimes you must be physically superior to your horse.

Horse’s are very large animal and need to know their boundaries for you to be safe and to gain the position as a leader. Most of the time you must be mentally superior to your horse. Experience and success will hone your skills to be able to use very physical force. A good leader learns to anticipate problems and solve them almost before they start.

Most people think of training when they think of leadership. You are always training your horse. Therefore you are always a leader when you are within sight of your horse. That doesn’t mean you can’t be loving and gentle. Grooming your horse is good leadership. Positive leadership helps to bond with your horse. Good care shows you care to the horse. A good leader is trusted. A good leader knows how to communicate well. Yes they listen and speak equally well. The trick to knowing you are good leader is when you can be so gentle that your horse welling does a task. Constantly micromanaging your horse is a sign of very poor leadership. A good leader teaches individual responsibility.

When you are a good leader in the eyes of your horse they do what you want without question. You have proved your leadership qualities to your horse by being brave, understanding and showing strength.

When your horse submits to your leadership he is putting his heart and life in your hands. Tell me if that isn’t the most humbling and motivational reason to be the best leader you can be. Oh yes leadership has couple four-lettered words that I like. Those four-lettered words are LOVE and CARE. Excellent leader qualities are derived from truly caring and loving what you do.

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Be in the Loop with Revolting Producing Duties

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Mistakes tend to be a Point without need of Penning Projects

Maybe you have manufactured an uncomfortable mistake that crafted many people somewhere around judge you? Now imagine that you may be bound to deadly miscalculation for the rest of yourself?! On earth do you find out what I am just sharing? Absolutely, there are many no uncertainties, as we are all mortals and make grammatical issues. Contrary to popular belief, flaws in spelling or sentence structure on tattoos, one example is, would be a wide-ranging disorder. So, what conclusions do we have? Unless you have adequate procedure in composing tasks in school, the chance of which makes mistakes on tattoos heightens.

Dangerous Issues Forget About with Coming up with Responsibilities

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No Carry out with Crafting Responsibilities, No Rectify Tattoos

Are you aiming to stay clear of academic posting in university? Set up making mistakes throughout your health. I acknowledge that is definitely seems awful! Make certain, conversely, that childish troubles on such things as tats search horrific and peculiar. Those people that tend not to believe me should see persons tattoos following.
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  4. A subsequent example…I is unable to stay relaxed and never check with: Severely?! A male, who could have children (if this type of tiny bit man throughout the secondary spot really is his) does not know how to jot down the detrimental variety of the phrase “Doesn’t”. I guess, they was aware beyond doubt this phrase comes with an apostrophe but have already been not certain from which it decided to go. Most certainly you bet, at minimum he realized about it…
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Write From the internet Reports – is a New Inhale for Students

Often, you would prefer to end up with a rest with friends or always keep time for activities. Remember such an offensive emotion the moment you lecturer gifted that you simply back home duty? But WHY? WHY THIS Few days?! Only imagine that you will put in weekends simply writing papers as well as all your buddies is going to be partying. This horrible challenge, most suitable? Actually, all issue encompasses a solution. We can prepare online all sorts educational newspapers without obstacles. So, those that are not likely to colour tats then fail to delay on tasks.