Teaching Your Horse to Stand Quietly for Your Horseshoer

I have spent many years refining the best techniques to teach a horse to stand for the horseshoer. I am a horseshoer and have taught many many horses to stand quietly for me. My own horse is trimmed and shod while standing quietly with no halter or lead rope. She knows when I pick her feet she is supposed to […] Continue Reading

Tasks Required to Ride a Horse Bridleless

I’ll bet most people believe that you must ride a horse with a bridle. I’m also sure that many people have seen horses on the internet, in movies or in the circus being ridden with no bridle. Well the truth is it easier than you think. That is of course if you really know how to train a horse properly. […] Continue Reading

Tasks Every Horse Should Do

Give to Light Pressure You should never have to “push” a horse away. The horse should be very well versed in the concept of “give to pressure” this is the foundation of a good training program. Touchable Everywhere This may seem common sense but a horse should be able to be touched anywhere, from the tip of the tail to […] Continue Reading

Proper Hoof Balance and Lameness Testing

Three key Factors for a Properly Balanced Foot Pastern Angle This refers to the three weight bearing bones of the pastern. This angle should be one continuous line from toe of hoof to the break of the long pastern and cannon bone. This angle is usually close to angle of the shoulder. Hairline Angle The hairline should be level to […] Continue Reading

Pasturing a Horse

Pasturing a horse year round offers easy maintenance and is low-cost compared to stabling a horse. However this does not mean you can leave your horse in a field and forget about him. A horse that lives outdoors most of its days can turn a suitable field into an unsuitable eye-sore if left alone to graze. To maintain the quality […] Continue Reading

Managing Costs of Horse Ownership on a Tight Budget

I am a simple person when it comes to buying things. It’s simple I simply don’t buy much stuff. When I need something I’ll spend the money with no regrets. I’ve always been kind of tight with my cash. I’m sure Suzy Orman would have a fun day examining what I spend my money on. I guess I could also […] Continue Reading

Leadership is Not a Four-Lettered Word

I once submitted an idea for a book about equine leadership to a literary agent and I received a very curious rejection letter. He thought that book was interesting but he also implied that establishing leadership with a horse was some how cruel to the horse. Not knowing me personally, just reading my bio which included military service. I assume […] Continue Reading

Laminitis & Founder

Laminitis & Founder are both terms that refer to rotation of the coffin bone and/or swelling and inflammation of the hoof capsule. The common cause of this disease is excess sugar in the diet. Because horses are classified as non-ruminant herbivores, their digestive tract is adapted to digesting small, high fiber meals. The horse digests its food through continuous fermentation […] Continue Reading

Improving Hoof Quality

Healthy hooves are not an accident. Good horse-care-manship skills are important to have an overall healthy horse. The hooves are a mirror to the health and care of the horse. Don’t fall for fads or instant hoof cures, basic good old fashioned horse sense is the solution. Here are some tops that may help you provide good care for your […] Continue Reading