Smooth Stride Riding Wear

Smooth Stride® Riding Wear started in November 2005 when founder Marianne Morrison grew frustrated with women’s riding apparel. Morrison had returned to horseback riding after a 20 year hiatus—and at the time, she was also active in triathlons, distance cycling, and alpine skiing.

Because sitting on a bike or taking a run in heavy cotton fabric with inside leg seams was unimaginable, she was amazed that women were still riding in denim jeans – in extreme weather conditions.

Morrison set out to design a line of athletic riding pants for women equestrians because she felt they deserved to be treated as athletes. In fact, Morrison drew parallels between equestrian riding and triathlons; she found them equally difficult. She said: “I thought I would just be sitting there and the horse would do all the work. I was so surprised when every inch of my body ached after my first four hour trail ride in Idaho’s foothills.”

Smooth Stride’s riding line features riding pants designed to fit over Western or paddock boots. Over the past 18 months, the pattern has been honed and reworked into the most comfortable pair of riding pants you will find. The new styles have upgraded features like a runner’s pocket, knee patch or full seat option, 38” extra length option, and a variety of new colors and fabrics. This gives the customer options to custom-build the pants to make their ride most enjoyable.

Sizes range from 4-26+ and start at $59. Fabric include 4-way stretch dryline athletic fabric, WindPro Polar fleece, micro-ribbed denim and blue denim. Knee patch and full seat available in genuine suede. Made in America!

Smooth Stride has two new styles: Trail Rider Ultra® and InSpirit Riding Jeans®. They include features borrowed from high-end athletic wear such as:

• Built-in cotton-lycra undergarment comparable to underwear used in bike shorts to stop abrasion and absorb moisture (undergarments are not needed with Smooth Stride pants)

• No inside leg seams on any of our pants – including riding jeans

• Wickable fabrics designed by top performing athletic companies

• All genuine suede seats that breathe better than synthetic materials used by many breech manufacturers.

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