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When searching for saddles for sale it is easy to be daunted by the sheer volume and variety of products on offer. Many different sizes and shapes exist, made to cater for all tastes and likes. Taking this as a starting point, it is then important to think what it is you want your saddle for, be it dressage, jumping, long distance riding or whatever you use your horse most for.


It is important to remember that the saddle should firstly fit your horse well, with whether it fits you being very much a secondary consideration. If the saddle is too big for your horse many problems will be encountered in trying to get it to fit, likewise if it is too small. If you use your horse for recreational riding, a pad or blanket will be needed for under the saddle, and the width of this should be considered when you are choosing your saddle. There needs to be room for the material to fit snugly beneath without it being too tight.

The material of which the saddle is made is obviously also important, and can dictate the price you pay to a large degree. Synthetic saddles can look very like leather and it is often difficult to tell the difference. The advantage of these over leather is that they are much lighter and easier to clean. If choosing a leather saddle it is important to examine the quality. Look for things such as the type of stitching being used, and the sort of fittings it has for indications of how well constructed it is. It is worth bearing in mind that a saddle will probably be the most expensive and important item you purchase for your horse, so spending a little bit more might be a good idea in the long run.

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