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Many dog owners still do not realize the importance of providing their four legged friends with the right kind of bed. Dogs love to eat a lot, walk a lot, play a lot, and they also love to sleep – a lot. So it’s important that when they bed down for the night their sleeping arrangements are tailor made for their size and needs. You wouldn’t expect a Great Dane to sleep in the same bed as a poodle, but finding the right dog beds for large dogs can be tricky. Fortunately we’re here to help you in your mission to find the best dog beds for large dogs.

Protection and Support

Thankfully, most dogs are no longer expected to sleep on cold hard floors because it can lead to pain, discomfort and such long-term health conditions as arthritis. Dog beds for large dogs should be cushioned and comfortable enough to prevent them from leaping on the furniture when you’re not at home. They should also provided adequate support to keep your canine in tip top condition. Ergonomic memory foam is great for dog beds because it lasts and does not lose its shape.

Size is Everything

Just like adults wouldn’t sleep in a cot, big dogs will not sleep in a bed designed for small dogs. Dog beds for large dogs should do exactly what it said on the label. When buying your dog a bed ensure it can accommodate their exact weight.

Keep it Clean

The material dog beds for large dogs are made out of is vital when it comes to keeping them clean. An industrial strength durable cover that can be removed from the bed and put in the washing machine is ideal for conveniently cleaning up those unwanted spills and stains which all dog owners are familiar with.

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