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There is currently some debate among horse owners regarding the best place to position horse feed buckets. Every horse owner wants to provide the best possible care for their animals, and so it is important to follow the correct procedures when it comes to feeding arrangements.

The first important point to consider is that horse feed buckets should be located where they are convenient for both a horse and its career. They must be easy to fill as well as to eat from. In addition, the correct positioning of a feed bucket will ensure that feeding times are calm, regulated occurrences for the horse. Although the positioning of horse feed buckets within a stable should be convenient, some horse owners take this to mean that buckets should be fixed to a wall at head height. It is argued that this is more hygienic, as well as being easier to fill. The general consensus, however, is that this is not the best feeding arrangement for a horse, whose natural inclination is to graze from the ground. It is thought that feeding with the head down as if grazing allows the jaws and throat to function correctly.


Horse feed buckets are therefore better positioned on the ground, although this creates the risk of them being toppled over. It is possible to buy buckets that are specially designed to not topple or spill, or alternatively a standard bucket can be placed snugly inside a tire to prevent it being pushed over. Some owners find that it is easier to feed a horse outside of the stable, particularly if it is excitable at feeding times. This is often safer, and is a good way to control behavior when eating. The goal should be to establish an acceptable feeding routine, ultimately inside the stable if possible. A horse should always be relaxed when eating, and with the correct positioning of horse feed buckets feeding times will be a pleasant experience for the animal as well as its owner.

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